Check if your NTC/NCELL SIM Card is registered on your name or not?

NTA was also developing the process to apply the e-KYC system for SIM card registration. With which, they are going to limit the number of SIM card to register on one name. As known, they will use digital information like fingerprint or retina for the SIM card registration. But it seems like it will take more time to implement the e-KYC system. we are providing the method to check the registration name for SIM card/mobile number that you are using. Also, find the process to transfer Ntc and Ncell SIM ownership under your own name if you have been using it from some time.

Name on NTC SIM

To check the registered name by USSD, you need to dial *922#.

Then your will get the display notification of SIM registered name.

BY SMS, you need to send a message “scode” to 1415.

then you will get the name for whom the SIM card was registered along with the reset of the security code.

If your simcard is not register on your name than to Visit Ntc office to change the SIM ownership with your valid issued by Government like the Citizenship, Passport or Driving license.

For postpaid, you need to have the Citizenship copy of the original owner.

Name on NTC SIM

to dial *9966# which will tell the name of the registration for that SIM.

You can also press whether the name displayed is correct or incorrect.

If you find the registered name is not on your name or incorrect, Ncell tells to visit nearest Ncell center with valid Government IDs (Citizenship, Passport or Driving license) to register in your name. If you provide the proof of using SIM card from more than two months period, then Ncell staffs do the SIM ownership transfer easily.

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