History Of Ghantakarna’s effigies | Newar Community Festival

 Every year on Chahre (the 14th day of the waning moon of Shrawan), just before the Gun:laa festival commences, Newar Community  put up Ghantakarna’s effigies at every junction or crossroads to remember him. People perform rituals like offering him food. They also put up protective tantric charms in their houses, above the doors, to protect themselves from evil. 

It is believed that Ghantakarna had died this day, and people perform all the funeral rites for him. Now the question is: if Ghantakarna was the demon, why would they perform all the rituals like they would for a family member? And, if Ghantakarna is not a demon, why should the frog who killed the demon really be celebrated?

The questions are unanswered, but people continue to feed and worship frogs. Whatever the initial reasons and stories might be, many believe the rituals of feeding and worshipping frogs reminds people of their connection with nature.

The time of the year is when all the farmers have finished sowing their seeds on their farms. And, for the farmers, frogs are an essential asset; by eating the insects that destroy the crops, they contribute to the good harvest for the year. With such a connection, it only sounds reasonable that the farmers are making offers to an animal important for them.

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