Lost Art Of Nepal :Birupaksha बिरुपाक्ष अर्थात पशुपतिनाथमा रहेको कलियुगको मुर्ति


There is a funny myth about Birupaksha .Birupaksha means ugly face. How did his face look? How did Kali Yuga begin?


It is said that Birupaksha was born in a very poor family. So as soon as he was born, his father went abroad to earn money.

After that Birupaksha's mother took care of him with great sorrow. As Birupaksha grew up and learned something about his family, he thought he should look for his father. So he talked to his mother at home about going to find his father. But her mother is very worried that her husband has not come for so many years and now her son also going to left her. She cries and says:” we will manage food through alms if you also go than how I will survive”But the stubborn child Birupaksha says: "If father is alive, I will bring him with me. If he is dead, I will return after his cremation. But I will not return without finding out about my father."

In this way, Birupaksha cries for his mother and goes out to find his father. It is said that Birupaksha was only 7 years old when he set out to find his father.Even after many years, Birupaksha didn’t find anything about his father. No matter how much research he did Birupaksha does not find his father. He thought his father already dead, then has to bury his father as he made promise to his mother. In the process of searching, the child may become very young. he was 17 years old still he could not find out about his father.

one night while walking in the forest, he comes to live in a shelter. There is also a middle-aged girl in that shelter. As night falls, they have sexual intercourse.,In the dark, they did not know each other. Both of them stay in the same shelter for one night for different purposes. Next day while seprating When they try to find out with whom they spent the night with, they find out that Birupaksha had sex with his mother. Her mother also goes out to look for her husband and son after they haven't been here for a long time.

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 Knowing this, Birupaksha curses himself. Every time he tried to forgive himself but he could not so he came to Pashupatinath to ask God for solution.After telling all about his mistake, Birupaksha begs Pashupatinath to get rid of his sin. Shivaji, i.e. Pashupatinath, who was obese after eating cannabis, advised him to melt 12 dharnis(28.8 kg)  of copper and drink to get rid of sin.Birupaksha starts heating 12 dharni copper. He now fully believes in his deliverance from sin. While he was getting ready to drink the hot copper, he opened the lid of the hot pot and tried to see if the copper was hot his face burn because of copper heat.

(It is said that his name was changed to Birupaksha because of the burning of his face.)

He started abusing Pashupatinath saying that Pashupatinath, intoxicated with marijuana was trying to kill him for his mistake happen unknowingly. He sits on the edge of Pashupati Nath, kicking at the idols of Shivaji.One day while walking around condemning Shivaji, he saw Lord Buddha. This time too he asks Lord Buddha to tell him about his mistake and the way to atone form curse.The Buddha takes off the garland of Bodhichitta he was wearing and tells him to count that garland until it became discolor. And then he takes the garland and sits where the idol of Kali is now and starts counting the garlands.after months also he did not saw any sigh of garland to became discolor he became very angry with Buddha and threw away the garland.

At the same time, he saw a small child wearing torn clothes in the rocks with a large iron sheet dripping on the stone. He finds this scene amazing. He goes to the boy and asks "Why are you twisting this iron sheet?"The boy looks at her face and says: "Don't you see, my clothes are torn. I make niddle from this iron and sew my clothes with it.

(It is said that the child was another form of the Buddha. The footprints of the Buddha can still be seen on the right side of the pier in front of the statue of Kali.)

Convinced by the child's patience and courage, Birupaksha goes back to the same place and starts counting the garlands. And one day he believes that the garland will be discolour.But he had condemned Mahadev and  living in Pashupatinath's premises for a long time, the devotees of Pashupatinath buried Birupaksha under the ground.

It is said that the day Birupaksha had intercourse with his own mother KaliYuga begin.  Birupaksha is known as Kali. It is said that when his statue fully comes out of ground he will take revenge from the people of the earth because he was buried under ground after he was trying hard to get rid of his sin than lord Shiva will come and kill him. That day will be the end of Kali Yuga and Satya Yuga will begin again.

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