Marital rape: A crime hidden by society || Is marriage a license to rape a wife?

The main source of information for journalists is the police. Whether it is a small incident or a big incident, the police office is the official place to keep the first record, so the police office is busy everyday. Sometimes I go for a walk around the police premises. Some heartbreaking incidents are found inside the police premises. One day in the first week of last January, I went to the district police office Chitwan. A discussion is going on at the Women and Children's Service Center. Bhanabhan's tug of war in the discussion could be understood by the loud noise heard outside the door.

I was outside. There was a voice of a woman crying, "Even when you are menstruating, you are not saying that it is difficult." Even if you sleep with a fever, you cannot find the love of your husband.'' The police were holding a discussion with the husband, his brother, first-in-laws, neighbors and his relatives.

They were discussing things like how they did not speak sweetly to their neighbors, how they spoke to their brothers-in-law, etc., so that they could be heard from outside. There was a four-hour long discussion in the police station about how the military service husband had to stay outside the house on duty most of the time and he was not behaving sweetly. I was focusing on the fact that there is some mystery in the words that husbands don't even care when they are menstruating and sick. However, I did not participate in the discussion. There was no police discussion about the possible problems between husband and wife who have been married for 10 years. Moreover, the physical structure of our police force cannot maintain confidentiality in a gender-friendly manner.

When they could not agree, the police who conducted the discussion reached a situation where they asked you to come outside for a discussion. They came out. I was outside. There was a growing clamor to talk more with the 31-year-old woman. After getting to know her outside, I expressed my desire to talk to her in private. She agreed.

I asked privately, is the physical relationship with your husband not stressful? She was shocked by my question. How can I tell you sister, I don't have a child. A pregnancy was lost. Then he says that you cannot have a child. I don't care about time nor can I say menstruation. Also, how many times at night, how to have a relationship, how to say! His words were even more painful. "It's not just you, your sisters are also getting married," she said. In that 4-hour long discussion, her husband was making a loud noise about not being able to extinguish visible relationships such as neighbors, brothers-in-law, brothers-in-law, etc. However, no one there felt what happened inside him when Logne was freed from the torture he had inflicted on him under the guise of a vermilion bar. She herself could not say openly in the police discussion with the men of the society. So much so that even the police did not guess.


At that time, I became more aware of being a woman. I thought, if her husband gets so much immunity, the existence of that woman will not remain alive

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