Tihar Festival | Deepawali which means festival of lights

We all know that we are rich in our culture and festivals. Many Nepali as well as tourist celebrates our festivals. Likewise our second biggest festivals is Tihar. It is also known as festival of dipawali. We celebrate this festival for five days. It is celebrated through out the world by Hindus in Kartik.

We all Nepali are happy to celebrate this festival. The people who are out of country also celebrate this festival. The first day of Tihar is called Kaag  Tihar .We worship crow all around the country as messenger of yarnraj. The second day is known as the day of dog and we worship dog also. Laxmi who is wealthy wealth, we worship Laxmi so that Laxmi will enter our house and make us prosperous. Children from form and house-to-house -house singing, chanting etc. This is  carol song. We call this 'Deusi' in Nepali. For this not only small child even the big male and female go for carol singing. They are welcomed and given food and money. We also celebrate gobardhan puja and this is also the day of New Year in Newari culture. The last and most important day of Tihar is Bhai tika. We all celebrate this day very nicely. This is the day for brothers. On this day, brothers are worshipped and prayed for their long life. They are fed delicious! dishes after putting them tika. On the other hand, brothers give sisters gifts and money.

People celebrate this festival in various ways. Children are seen happiest enjoying the festivals. But a pity, however that many foolish people celebrate this holy day with bouts of drinking and night long gambling. Many of them get ruined and repent after- wards. Some children catch fire while playing with to crackers. If we are only cautious about the drawbacks of misusing the festivals they bring joy in our lives

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