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Wherever we live and whenever we go place, we have to follow certain rules and regulations. according to those places. The act of behaving people or doing actions according to those rules and regulations is discipline. It is the sign of civilization

Discipline is learnt from childhood. A child's home is the first school of discipline. It is home from where we can learn different good manners if the family members are disciplined. If the members of a family Indiscipline, their children are likely to be indiscipline too.

We have to obey rules and regulations in every step of our life. Whether we are at home or at school or in the battlefield or in the play ground we have to follow Some rules and regulations If we don't obey the rules, we are said to be indiscipline and if we obey the rules, we are said to be disciplined and civilized.

Discipline is necessary in every field of life. People from all walks and of all levels must be disciplined to spend a happy and prosperous life. Without discipline a student car learn nothing. It is essential to run an institution smoothly and successfully. is more important in the play ground. If a player breaches discipline, the team of the player may loose Likewise, it is inevitable in the army. If game. the soldiers don't obey their commanders, they may lose a battle. It is equally important at home too. It the family members don't obey the head of the family the  house can't run the properly. If the leaders of the nation don't follow the rules, the disciples will be indiscipline Consequently the nation can't make any progress.

In conclusion,

Discipline is necessary in every! walk of life while walking, talking, eating driving and so on. It is the root of success. It is like a twinkling star that gives warm and bright rays in our life.

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